Getting More Recognition With SEO Help

When I first opened my plumbing business, I struggled to get it off the ground. Most people don’t want to pay for a plumber, because of the costs associated with them. They’ll try to fix the problem themselves, and while sometimes they succeed, they usually make the problem worse. Then they only call the plumber as an afterthought, and pass over many of the competing businesses.

I wanted my plumbing business to be the first choice out of all the others for these people. I thought about expensive commercials and billboards on the highway, but it’s so much easier to just use the Internet. I created a simple website for my business using a free web template, and then contacted Stockton SEO to get people to actually come to the website. CraigHanisch¬†even made it possible for people to arrange services through the website.

After using a bit of SEO magic, people started coming to the website by the numbers, and the business was looking busier than ever. I had to hire a few more extra plumbers to cover all of the service arrangements that we were getting. In the beginning, only three plumbers, including myself, had to handle these tasks.

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